China Q1 Exceed 180 Days Family Visa Requirements

Family members of Chinese citizens (or family members of foreigners with permanent residence status in China) who have applied for entry and stay for more than 180 days due to family reunification

Family members include: spouse, parents, children, children's spouses, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, grandchildren, and spouse's parents

1. Passport: Passport valid for at least 6 months with blank visa page

2. Old passport: if the old passport has a valid visa

3. proof of applicant's residence address in the U.S.: copy of driver's license, bank statement, utility bill, etc.

4. Visa application form: After placing the order, we will send the application form to you by Email, please return it together with other documents

5. A copy of the front and back of the inviter's Chinese ID card (or a copy of the foreigner's passport and permanent residence permit)

6. Proof of relationship between the inviter and the applicant: original and photocopy (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate)

7. Digital photo : You can take it with your phone with white background


8. If the applicant is a third country citizen in the U.S.: Please provide proof of legal stay in the U.S. and proof of detention (e.g. green card, visa, I20, I94 form, etc.)

9. If the name recorded in the foreign passport is not the same on other documents , you must also provide a document issued by the relevant official to prove the change of name


To apply for a visa for a child(first timeof Chinese descent born in the United States, you must provide

a. Copy of Child's birth certificate

b. Copies of the both parents' valid passports and green cards.

c. Copies of the both parents' passports and green cards at the time of the child's birth.(If naturalized, please provide naturalization certificate)

To apply for a visa for a child of Chinese descent born in the United States, you must provide

a. Copy of Child's birth certificate



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